Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paracord and a lucet

I'm waiting on my cherry quaich to dry.  I'm taking it really slow with this one, cherry seems to go all wonky if you try and dry it to fast, at least in my experience.  I've got it in a plastic bag, taking it out and turning the bag inside out and putting it back in.  I plan on doing this a few more days until the bag is dry inside.  At that point, it will be dry enough to do the finishing cuts and get it done.  More on that in a few days.  While I'm waiting I have been messing around with a few other odds and ends.  First, some paracord survival bracelets. 

I made them in the King Cobra style, essentially a cobra stitched bracelet wrapped in a second cobra stitched bracelet.  They have a half inch buckle on them as well.  I alternated colors so, you know, they would look cool.

Next up on the crafting front, is a lucet.  It is also called a knitting fork, and is used to make cord.  I need to clean it up a bit and put some sort of finish on it, but I wanted to give it a try.  It worked great, I made a few lengths of cord using it tonight.  I'll probably thin down the tines a bit, and sand it a bit smoother overall, but I am pretty satisfied with how it came out.  Not to mention the fact that it works.

More on the lucet later.  I cut my finger tonight, right on the tip, where it hurts when I type.  I'm off to grab a cup of coffee and work on my next craft project.  Keep an eye on this space, I have some pretty cool stuff on the way.  Until we meet again, happy carving.  Oh, and I am sorry I couldn't think of a catchy name for this post, sometimes you just have to call it like it is. 

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