Saturday, February 25, 2012

Camp Spoon, done (day 1)

Day one, project one, done.  I present to you the finished camp spoon.  The more I look at this spoon the more I like it.

The deep bowl will work well for campsite cooking.  I left it fairly thick and chunky, but I did refine the shape some and thin it out a bit.  I whipped up a quick lanyard for it.  I used OD Green and Royal Blue 550 paracord, probably about 5 feet of each.  I figured a lanyard would be useful for all sorts of things, it can be removed from the spoon if needed, but will serve as a way to tie it to your pack or hang it while cooking.

The spoon is made from cherry, harvested with my brother in Pennsylvania.  I applied a nice thick coat of flax seed oil, waited a bit, and then applied a second.  It is ready for years of use.

Well, I'm off, I've got more stuff to work on if I am going to get these projects done this week.  Happy carving everyone.  Talk to you all tomorrow, hard to say what project will show up here next.

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