Friday, September 3, 2010

New Knife, Sanding and Trouble

I got my Mora 106 this afternoon.  It makes the Flexcut knife that I have look like a butter knife.  It has a nice long thin blade.  A better balanced handle and it seems to do a really nice job.  I carved a spoon tonight with it.  A little short one.  It did well.  I need to sharpen it, though.  I read this article about sharpening this particular knife.  The biggest issue is not rolling the blade edge when stropping it.  I need to do some more research before I sharpen it for the first time.

I also sanded my spoons that had dried tonight.  They are ready for oil now and I will post my thoughts on that tomorrow after I get it done.  I am using Flax Oil.  It cures, it is food safe, and it is a very common oil for wooden bowls and spoons.  Most organic oils do well, Olive Oil is no good won't cure.  It ends up either going rancid or just becomes this sort of sticky film on the outside of the spoons.  Anyway, here is the latest picture of the spoon pile. 

While I was sanding one of my finished spoons I saw what I thought was a knife mark.  A thin tiny line out on the end of the spoon.  I sanded a bit, but it didn't go away.  I held it up to the light and I saw what it really was..a crack.  It is tiny, super small, but it goes through the end of the bowl.  I don't think I can salvage it.  I'll keep it around though.  You can't see it that well, but it is there.
I priced some 8 foot 2x10's at Lowes today, they are $6 each.  I need to make a shaving horse...but that is a post for another day.  My hands are tore up from sanding and the bed is calling my name.

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