Thursday, September 9, 2010


I asked Robin Wood about making spoon handles.

There are few better ways than choosing a spoon you like and copying it, then making lots of them, keep analysing as you go

I struggle so much with creating a handle that looks right.  I often find myself working on the handle, twisting it this way and that, and finally just giving up and not being happy with what I have.  I have a good grasp of how the grain runs in the handle, but still, I often get myself in trouble.  Tonight, I got out a pencil and drew an outline of a handle on my spoon.  I had carved most of it last night, but had left the handle chunky and thick because I wasn't sure.  I sort of like how it came out.

Not the best job ever, but I am pretty happy overall.  I also noticed something else.  My spoons are starting to be more symmetrical.  It doesn't feel like I am doing anything different, but somehow, they are starting to look more even on both sides.  I can feel myself getting better.  Here is another shot of the spoon above, plus two others that I oiled tonight.

Behold!!  The Spoon Man!

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