Friday, February 25, 2011

The straight scoop

The holly continues to carve well, even after sitting in the garage for a few weeks now.  I have a little waste on the ends, but just an inch or so in, the wood is green and wet and carves so nicely.  I have been working on some scoops.  I like to carve them, they seem like something honest and every day.  Sort of like a spoon I guess, but not as classy.  Like the backwoods cousin to the spoon, bigger, rougher, not as streamlined, but hard working and useful for sure.

Here are some shots of my latest.  They haven't been oiled yet, but they have been sanded.  Pictures are interesting, it brings out flaws in your work that you haven't seen or don't see as well when you hold it in your hand.  The bigger of the two needs a little work on the inside of the bowl, but the shapes are nice, the sides are smooth and I like the handle very much on the smaller of the two.

I plan on getting some oil on them this weekend if all goes well.  I think they will look even better with a nice coat of oil on them.

Happy carving!