Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busting my Ash

Three weeks ago, I think, I went up to Mom and Dad's and visited the family.  Not only did I bring home quite a few spoon blanks, but I also brought home a 6 foot White Ash log.  It is still in the back of my truck.  I see it every day and think that I should get it out of there.  Soon though, maybe the first of the month, it is coming out of the truck and I am going to split it.  I have a few odds and ends that I want to do with that log, I plan to make some spoons out of some of it I think.  Some baskets out of some of it (maybe, we shall see), and maybe something else.  I have an idea in my head.  Well two ideas maybe.  One I can do for sure..the other, I don't have the tools.  Someday maybe.

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