Monday, January 3, 2011

Two Zero One One

See how clever that is? I didn't want to use the same old same old obligatory "This is my New Year's resolution post" title so I cleverly used the spelling of the numbers of the year instead!! Whatever. Still lame. I figure that at the end of the year I can look back at this post and see if any of this stuff actually happened. Some of it will, I am sure. Hopefully more will get done than not.

1.) Spoons. I think this resolution is actually broken down into a few different areas. First, I need to figure out an overall design and then work to perfect that. I think I am close. I have been happy with some of my recent work, the bowl and handles are starting to look more symmetrical, the lines are starting to come into focus and they make me happy. But still, I want my spoons to be simple and elegant. Is that even possible? I resolve to figure that out this year.

2.) Fan Birds. I resolve to figure out the mystery of the Fan Bird. I think the biggest mystery is the wood that I use to make them. Pine would work best, but I seem to be in short supply of pine.

3.) Sharpening. I resolve to figure out how to effectively sharpen my tools and to keep them that way.

4.) Pole Lathe, Bowls, Kuksa, tools, baskets, and more. I have this list of things in my brain. This is a two-fold resolution. First. I need to limit the number of things that I try to accomplish to a manageable level. I am going to focus really hard on spoons, but I also want to branch out into the world of wooden bowls, wooden cups (Kuksas) and other odds and ends. What usually ends up happening is that I become obsessed with something, drive myself to laying in bed at night being unable to sleep thinking about it, and then something happens that makes it impossible to finish. So, I am going to try really hard to only become obsessed with things that I can handle. The second part of this resolution is to actually do something besides spoons this year.

5.) Tools. I need to make a list of tools that I would like to have and more importantly, the exact reason that I want them. For example. I want a carving Axe. A good one. I want to be able to chop out spoon/bowl/kuksa blanks using it. See? Valid tool and a worthwhile purchase. I think that every new tool that I "think" that I just have to have, needs to go through this same review. The end result, more satisfaction with the tools I have, and less worrying about the ones I don't.

I think that is a good place to start. This is just the woodworking list. I have others that are even more important. Like being a good husband and father. Like staying in touch with my brother and spending more time with him just sitting around and carving. Like losing some weight and becoming healthier. Typical stuff. Things that don't need a New Year to become important.

Happy New Year!!

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