Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home built alcohol stove

 Just a quick post to talk about this stove I built tonight.  I don't know how this stuff happens.  One minute I am watching some random youtube video and the next minute I am lost in the world of home built stoves.  Yep, stoves.  I was talking to my wife and she suggested I get lost in the world of laundry or perhaps the magical world of painting the dining room.  No such luck though, it was the world of stoves this time. 

This was literally the first pop can stove I ever built.  It took maybe 20 minutes.  I watched a few youtube videos, and went out to the garage and gathered the materials.  I grabbed two Coke cans out of the recycle bin, a pair of scissors, a marker, and a few wooden flooring samples to act as a measuring device.  Throw in a thumb tack from the cork board in the kitchen to punch the jet holes and I was done.

It has an insulated wall that should, in theory, create some pressure and cause the alcohol to burn through the jets in the top.  This should create a "burner" type of effect causing the heat to be spread out over a larger surface area. 

I cut a few slots in the bottom of the inner wall to allow fuel to flow from the center of the stove to the interior compression chamber.  I'm off to get some denatured alcohol tomorrow, and I'll fire it up.  More on that later, as well as my thoughts on this easy and inexpensive project.  Total cost was less than a dollar. 

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