Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I can't even remember the last time that I actually sat down and carved a spoon.  People say that a lot and don't mean it, but seriously I can't remember.  Now to be fair, I have been distracted a bit with slingshots, so its not like I haven't been spending any time out in the garage working on things.  No spoons though, not until I carved these two.  I got some Tulip Poplar wood from my neighbor who had a tree taken down.  I would rank it somewhere in the middle for carving.  It is somewhat stringy.  Not horribly so, and honestly I was just glad to have some wood to carve.  I noticed that it was somewhat prone to tear outs and I had to be careful to avoid them.  I figure being out of practice didn't help much either.

In any case, here are the results of my garage efforts.  Not to shabby for not even being able to remember the last time I carved a spoon.

This first one is probably an eating sized spoon.  8 inches long, deeper than normal bowl.  I figure it would be good for eating soup or stew.  Might work well for eating oatmeal or cereal as well.  I like it a lot, it has a nice shape and feel to it.

Next up is a longer spoon, maybe 10 inches long, larger rounded bowl.  I think this would work well as a cooking spoon, good for making a pan of sausage gravy.  The hole at the top is from a natural knot that came out when I split the blank.  I liked the way it looked and I kept it.  Also this spoon has a natural twist to it.  I like the way it feels in the hand.

Probably too many pictures, but I'm just excited to had the opportunity to get out and do some spooning.

Last but not least, the kids and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch a few days ago and we noticed a hawk sitting on the swing set.  I got my camera and was able to get a picture of him before he flew away.  Sometimes its hard to believe that we live in a suburban neighborhood.

Happy Carving all, I'm headed to Seattle Washington in a few days for work.  I'll be back with pictures.  A few days later the Barefoot one himself is making an appearance and I can't wait!


  1. This is great!

    My husband and I are beginner wood carver and have been carving basswood. Are there better wood than others to carve spoons out of? in terms of making it last when you actually use it?

  2. Thanks for the comment Mrs.Izzy! Basswood is great for carving, but doesn't work so well for something that you intend to use such as a spoon. There are many woods that you can use for spoons. Birch, maple, cherry, and other hardwoods work really well. Fruit woods such as apple and pear often work well also. Some woods such as Oak and Walnut have tannin in them and have a bad taste. Good luck in your carving! I'd love to see some pictures.